Lipoproteins, LDL and HDL:

The blood test called cholesterol is NOT A MEASURE OF CHOLESTEROL! It is measured is a measure of lipoprotein.

Lipoproteins are particles in blood that carry fats (for building lipids, hence ‘lipo’) and amino acids (for building proteins).


There have been many studies on the health benefits of from various types of lipoprotein and whether the cholesterol that is naturally present in these is at a healthy level.  My current understanding is that both HDL (called good cholesterol, but not really cholesterol at all) and LDL (called bad cholesterol, but not really cholesterol at all) are both mostly good for us. We cannot live without having plenty of both. LDL is particularly important for brain health.
There does seem to be one type of lipoprotein that many unhealthy people have in excess and this excess may be harmful. This is the small particle LDL that forms when we have excess sugar in the blood.


If you want to minimise this harmful lipoprotein taking a statin drug is a very bad plan whereas simply cutting back on sugar and refined carbohydrates (less bread, pasta, rice…) will be far more effective without the side –effects such as memory loss.


The above is our understanding. If you would like a more detailed explanation we can provide short courses on the understanding of cholesterol and lipoproteins.


If you would like to discuss cholesterol, lipoproteins, healthy fats, or vitamin D we can provide one-to-one training/support or training sessions for groups.